Saturday, October 15, 2011

And I can cook too!

The past 2 weeks at work I've been the Public Employees Charity Fund canvasser and fundraiser coordinator for my office.  Nothing like government service for long-winded titles!

On Wednesday, October 5th we had a "Soup Kitchen" and 3 of us brought in our homemade soups to have with buns at a whopping huge donation of $2.00 a bowl!  I made my "famous" beef barley soup and it was a hit!  One of the other soups was a creamy mushroom that was so rich and made by one of the men in the office - a definite gourmand. The 3rd soup was a traditional Eastonian soup called "frikkadilli" which was also creamy and full of veggies, barley, little pork meatballs and ?  There have been several requests for this event to be a weekly occurrence......

On this past Wednesday it was "Appetizer Party".  8 of us brought in appetizers ranging from Jalapeno Popper Dip (so yummy!) to Malaysia Beef (I've asked for the recipes for both of these), and my entry was Pear, Pecan, Blue Cheese Bruchetta.  Everyone that paid (again $2.00) for a plate of all the choices got a ballot and voted for their guessed it!  I won!  (A Cooking Light magazine recipe comes through again.)

At the start of the charity campaign, which was October 3rd, I sent a quilt "Techniques BOM" (that the little quilting group "Sassies" which I belong to, had made up last year for our local quilt guild) into the silent auction which could be bid on by every provincial government employee in BC!  The auction ends on Monday and I'm wondering what the final bid will be.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Here's Spotty Polka Dotty!!!!  A baby quilt I just finished for little miss an entire month old and cute as a button!  I bought the 2 polka dot fabrics on a fabric shopping trip a couple of months ago and just couldn't wait to use them.....guess I'm just getting "dotty"!  The pieced block is a traditional block called Aunt Dinah...guess she's dotty too!  Okay, so I'm glad to finally have a finish to show!

Spotty Polka Dotty!!!!