Friday, July 11, 2014

This quilt was made for one of my friends and co-worker Fara after her husband passed away suddenly and left her and their 2 young boys on their own.  I called it A Fabric Hug for Fara and made it in her favourite colour lilac/lavender and her husband's favourite colour royal blue.  In some of the blocks there are Forget Me Nots and others have Pansies which are also called "Heart's Ease".  The pattern was called Heart and Souls which I thought was so appropriate.  She loved it!

Here is the March block of Bertie's Year BOM.  And yes, I know it's July.  I have almost finished April and am itching to get at June's - so stayed tuned for those coming soon.  I just LOVE these blocks as they are so much fun as they all have piecing, applique and embroidery.

And here is Ken's Step Back Cabinet that he made for my quilt studio and painted with milk paints to give it an antique kind of look.  Isn't he just the handiest fellow! 
Here is Toby in front of some of my amazing philopendulas which I have finally found the right place for and they are sure putting on a pretty show this year.  Doesn't Toby look like he's smiling for the camera?

Here are 3 photos of a very curious little Common Yellow Throat that spent several days rapping on the living room window.  He wanted to come in so badly.  This side of the house is covered in pink rambling roses up to about 12 feet high and 3 feet thick that small birds have taken to nesting in.  This little fellow and a female common yellow throat were 2 of the birds that spent a lot of time trying to get into the house through closed windows.  There were also 3 Song Sparrows that did the same.  We think they were all young ones that had just left their nests.  Quite a lot of entertainment to say the least!