Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scott and Amber moments after getting engaged!

I've a new full time job working for the provincial government that I started on June 1st.  So far I'm really liking it and the people I work with.  Everyone's been helpful and fun and very encouraging.  So nice to be able to say that.  The office is new (only 2 or 3 years old) so a huge change from the other places I've worked.  Just think air conditioning!!! My commute is about half an hour each way, but the drive is pleasant and the highway is in good shape....and I do get to see some beautiful scenery along the way.  And since I'm working in downtown Nanaimo I get to make some interesting discoveries on my lunch time a bead and embroidery shop just across the bridge, and the little wool shop around the corner.  Also the ocean is visible from the office windows as we're only about 3 blocks from the water.

I'm using the new job and the gardening work as my excuse for not having any finishes this month.  I am however still working on my crazy quilt tea cozy, and on my crazy quilt block for the round robin I'm's a hint ladies - my theme is "Sea to Shore".

Also!!!!!!!  My eldest son Scott brought his girlfriend Amber to the Island for a visit and we all went out to Long Beach on the west coast where he asked her to marry her - and she said YES!!!!!  We're so happy that Amber is going to be family.

While Amber and Scott were visiting, my other 2 boys Eric and Glen showed up to go fishing and for the first time in 2 years all of us were together.  I tried getting a picture of them together, and spent about 20 minutes with us all laughing hysterically while Eric, then Glen, then Scott kept cracking us up with their antics.....oh my sides hurt from all that laughter!  Eric's the one in the overalls, cap and "play off beard", Scott's the one in the middle and Glen's on the right.

How does my garden grow? With the few warmer days we've had in the last week or two I have flowers popping open all over - lady's mantle, foxglove, circle flower, roses, daylillies, pansies, peonies, allium, iris, periwinkle and so much more putting on a show.

Fairies dancing in the circle flowers and floxgloves with lavender in bud in front.

My birdbath garden area.  Lots of buds, not many blooms yet.

My stogie old fashioned coumbine (still my favourite).

My new fangled designer columbine with hostas.

Giant alliums in front of the pond garden.

These pea flowers are actually on my green pea vegetable plants.  Pretty enough to be ornamental!

Front garden iris and daylillies

Columbine, lady's mantle, daylily and the dark red thing.  (Hey, I can't remember everything!)

My peonies putting on a show in front of the picket fence with a field full of wild daisies behind.

My little water feature at the front porch

Water lily