Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Day Left

I have one day left before starting my new job - hopefully they remember I'm coming and I won't be locked out again, like I was the morning I went for my interview.  I am really looking forward to working again, although I will miss the laziness of not working......I do seem to need structure in my life in order to get things done.

I am about to embark on a Crazy Quilt Round Robin with 5 other wonderful friends and my mind is just churning away with the possibilities and what to design and how to make it work and, and, and.....  And to give me a jump start yesterday my buddy Janet and a made a trip to Victoria for beads, buttons, interesting wools and cottons - all in preparation for the round robin.  A button shop, 2 bead shops, a quilt shop, a kitchen store (we also cook ;>D) and a tasty lunch at the Noodle Box Cafe made for a fantastic day and a lot of fun.  We are still trying to decide if every time we receive a round robin parcel means another trip to those shops or not.....oh twist my rubber arm - OF COURSE IT DOES!!!!

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