Friday, November 23, 2012

Another year gone

Wow - can it really be over a year since I wrote anything on here????  Since then my youngest son Glen married Tessa, my middle son Eric got engaged to Kylie, and my oldest son Scott and his fiancee Amber have been planning their wedding which will be in my neighbour's fabulous garden in July 2013.  Phew - how's that for getting busy!  All 3 of the girls are wonderful and I'm so lucky to have such daughter-in-laws!

Instead of gardening and quilting this summer I spent a lot of hours repainting the inside of the house, but I did want it freshened up for next year's festivities.....I'll be hosting some out of town guests and the rehearsal dinner.  (I did begrudge the time it took from the other 2 activities though.)

My 10 month temporary contract with BC Govt Employment and Labour Market Services (formerly known as Manpower) ended in March, but I was hired (2 weeks before the end of that contract) as a full time permanent employee with BC Govt Income Assistance (formerly known as Welfare), moved 2 desks over and proceeded to drive myself batty trying to absorb the seemingly infinite procedures and computer programs to do my job. More than a little stressful to say the least.  But it does pay the bills and I was grateful to have the job this spring and summer when Ken was unable to work much as his thyroid was all out of whack and he had surgery in September and was off work for a few weeks.  Thankfully the surgery was a great success and he has been re-energized......but I don't think I'll retire just yet (good back up plans are hard to come by).

I've been quilting a fair amount especially since the rains began (I do love a good rain storm) and was part of another international round robin - crazy quilting this time.....something none of us had too much experience with, but wow talk about some fabulous blocks.  I haven't got them done in a setting yet, but have a good idea of what I want.....added it to the "some day list".

My little quilt group "Sassies" (Sunday Afternoon Sewing Sessions) has undergone quite the personality change as people have left and others have joined.  A little more laid back and easy going and a much fun as ever.  Last Sunday I took the opportunity to use the girls as guinea pigs and tried out a new recipe I found in the newspaper for apple dumplings on them.......well, if I made them just for myself it just wouldn't have been as much fun!  And yes, I'm allowed to make the dumplings again for them if I want to.

Toby is still just as much fun as ever....and now that he's five he's not quite as high energy, but he's not slowing down much either.  In fact a few days ago he proved he can still corner running along the living room wall!!!  Gravity defied!  (Watch out for that new paint job silly dog!)

At work I've been put on the "Social Committe" and a few of us are now planning the December festivities.  Cubicle and desk decorating during the first week of December, a fund raising raffle (each of the 3 departments in the building will do up a gift basket) proceeds to go to the local children's charity for toys, crafting in the boardroom at lunchtime and the Christmas party during the second week, third week we're having a potluck lunch and secret santa gift exchange.  We do know how to organize! Fourth week we'll have a skeleton staff of which I'll be one......  (I'll be working at the office in the north end for several days to cover staff shortages there too - absolutely nothing static about this particular job.)

Well, there's the condensed version of the past year for you......


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Sheila said...

It is wonderful to see you post Lynda and Happy belated Birthday , I know I am late ,hope you enjoyed a wonderful day . Hugs Sheila