Monday, April 7, 2014

The following 7 photos are of my FINALLY completed 2013 challenge "A Tisket a Tasket, Posies in my Basket" which I sent out to 5 of my quilter buddies.  I know that the 3 in my neck of the woods have not quite completed theirs yet, but need to check in with the 2 out of area ladies.  The requirements of this challenge were that they had to use the 4 fabrics I supplied, have at least 1 basket and bird and have a "surprise" element.  I love the way mine turned out, even if it did take months longer than it was supposed to.  I'll be taking it to work to hang on the side of my cubicle's locker to brighten up my days.

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Jo Ferguson said...

This was a great idea for a challenge. They always seem to take longer than you think, but your results are outstanding. I'm going to go and take a closer look a the photos.