Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun Day Saturday

A spur of the moment trip up Island to check out another Seedy Saturday site turned out fantastic.  The seed site was going to cost us $16 just to enter the doors, so instead we checked out a farmers' market a couple of buildings over and found apricot jam for my husband, home made salsa for my friend, and a brand new winery & meadery for all of us!  After a relaxing lunch at a local pub, up the road we went to the Coastal Black winery & meadery for a tasting of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry wines, and 3 different varieties of mead.  I had never tried mead before and was expecting something syrupy and extremely sweet - it is made from honey after all.  But it was wonderful!!!!!  Very light and slightly sweet with fireweed honey flavour - DELICIOUS!  Here's the site if you would like to check it out.  On the way back home we took the "old" highway and stopped for a container of oysters (apparently some people not only eat thost things, they actually enjoy them ....shiver....) and drove by some log booms in one of the bays that were populated with huge sea lions sunning themselves - quite the sight!  And who says you have to plan things? 

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Sheila said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me Lynda . Sorry to hear your machine is down , drats , that is not good .My Pfaff also needs a tuning so I'll have to get that done real soon . Enjoy your day .